Travel Theme: Bridges

This week’s travel theme, sponsored by Where’s My Backpack( is Bridges.

This suspension bridge is 80 feet above the rocky bottom of Tallulah Gorge in Rabun County in Northeast Georgia.  The gorge is one of the most spectacular canyons in the southeastern United States and is 1,000 feet deep and two miles long.  Carved by the Tallulah River, the gorge features a series of six waterfalls, known collectively as Tallulah Falls.  There are several Cherokee legends associated with the gorge and the falls, including the legend that the gorge was inhabited by a race of little people who lived in the rock crevices and caves under the falls.

Suspension bridge over Tallulah Gorge

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    1. Thank you! I hope your corner of the world (northeastern England, isn’t it?) is sunnier than mine right now!


  1. A good start to hike, and to have fun.:)


    1. Yes, it’s a wonderful place to hike.


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