A Wild Turkey, Wildflowers and a Distressed St. Francis

Last week while it was still quite chilly and rainy, we happened to look out a back window and see a lone wild turkey making its way through the yard and into the woods.  We’ve had  flocks of them before, but this one was alone.

Wild turkey


Today dawned bright and clear, and a short walk revealed emerging wildflowers and deer moss.




Deer Moss


The woods, which in the summer seem so dense and lush, still look open and bare.


And our poor decapitated St. Francis statue will have to be removed and replaced. (Whatever could have happened to it?)

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  1. Ed Darrell says:

    Was it cold when the head came off of St. Francis? I’m guessing it was frost action in any case, but if it happened in a cold snap, that would be a pretty good indicator.

    Glues exist that could mend the thing, if it’s not too damaged.


    1. Thank you for your advice, but we chose not to repair it, as it already had been damaged once. When we found the recent damage, the statue was on the ground, and we had to look for the head that apparently had rolled away. We think a deer may have knocked it over, causing the head to fall off. Alternatively, it may have been caused by the return of our local garden statue decapitator. No kidding. A young man in our area was arrested for decapitating garden statues. The crane in our front yard was deliberately removed and decapitated. I found pieces of the body in the road, but we never did find the head. Lol.


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