This week in our small-town police blotter: Woman steals 24 packs of Kool-Aid

I love the police blotter in our local weekly newspaper. The stories often are hilarious and almost always reflect the generally safe nature of this neck of the woods.  Apart from the truly big news stories like the arrest of domestic terrorists a few miles away, drug arrests, or the rare murder, the blotter reports break-ins, incidents of shoplifting, attempted thefts, public drunkenness, and other interesting incidents.  The big stories merit their own headlines, but the blotter, organized by date, recounts law enforcement responses to events that would not even merit a passing mention in the daily newspaper of a larger town.

This week’s blotter included several funny stories.  I share one:


” A U.S. (Highway) 129 South retailer reported a pair of shoplifters.  The accused were waiting when the police got there.  The officer asked the woman if she had anything in her purse that belonged to the store.  She said everything in her purse was hers, and she gave the officer permission to look.  Inside were 24 packs of Kool-Aid.  The woman said they were hers and (that) there was a funny story as to why she was carrying 24 packs of Kool-Aid in her purse.  But the store had video of her taking the packs on the Kool-Aid aisle and putting them in her purse, so no one got to hear the story.”


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  1. I don’t know it that is tooooo funny or tooooo sad!!!!!!!!!! 🙂


    1. I just had to laugh when I first read this. It’s stories like this every week!


      1. It sounds like our old Home town newspaper from back in Kansas— I am never sure why we still subscribe to it– as it comes about 2 or 3 weeks late if we get it at all– & it is about 3 to 5 pages– with no news!!! 🙂


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