This week in our small-town police blotter: An unexpected ride to jail

There were six stories in the police blotter this week: one about an attempted break-in; four about thefts or attempted thefts of a lawn tractor, a weed trimmer, a hot water heater, and household items including guns; and this one about an unexpected ride to jail…

“A deputy responded to a report of a woman walking down the center line of Ga. (Highway) 254 about 11 p.m.  She was carrying an unopened beer can, an open pack of cigarettes, and an unopened pack.  He asked her where she was going and she pointed at a house.  The officer asked her who lived there and she said she couldn’t remember their names but she knew them really well.  The resident of the house was watching through the door so the deputy asked her if she knew the woman in the road.  She said she did not.  The deputy then offered to drive the woman, who appeared inebriated, home.  She told him that would be nice and that she had had five beers that evening.  He offered to put her packs of cigarettes and beer in the front seat and return them to her when she got home.  She stated that she didn’t want the cigarettes anymore and started to throw them into the ditch.  He told her not to litter in the people’s yard and she reluctantly gave them to him.  The opened pack of cigarettes contained a leafy substance consistent with that of marijuana, so she got a ride to jail instead.”

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  1. Worth the subscription to the paper for the entertainment!!!!! 🙂


  2. Our police blotter regularly features these events: “Goats on the highway,” “Cows on the highway” “Undocumented workers on the highway.” I always wonder how they can be sure the people are undocumented workers just by looking at them – X-ray vision?
    We once had a guy arrested for hunting without a license, out of season, without deer tags, while trespassing, at night, spotlighting the deer, etc. etc. He could be related to your beer and cigarettes lady!


    1. Haha! He probably is related to her! Aren’t these police blotter stories great?


  3. She was trying to outsmart the officer by throwing out her “cigarettes”!


    1. Yes she was! He’s probably seen that trick many times before!


  4. Very interesting story indeed!


    1. Yes, we don’t have much serious crime here. It’s incidents like this, and they do make for interesting stories! Thank you for your comment.


      1. It’s my pleasure, friend.

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