Betwixt and Between


That was the newspaper headline that greeted us this morning.  We’re a little over halfway through the month of August, traditionally the hottest month of the year, the “dog days” of summer here in the Deep South, and it’s cool enough for a jacket.  Never seen anything like it. The leaves already are changing color.

The dogwood shows a distinct reddish blush.

changing dogwood

The crape myrtle has turned a mottled color, foreshadowing more color changes to  come.

changing crape myrtle

Even the succulent on the back deck is turning red.

changing succulent

But at the same time, the country clematis, with its heady summer fragrance, is blooming on the front porch.

country clematis

And the cosmos are still in bloom by the old fence.

cosmos by fence

Happy end of summer, ya’ll !!

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  1. We have had RAIN & COOL Temps here in beautiful Branson, Mo. USA!!! And color changes & feels like FALL this week!!!!


    1. Maybe we all will have an early fall and winter.


  2. Joye Fuller says:

    It has been cool in Colorado although we are reached 96 and 97 for the last two days and also anticipated 96 for today. Am headed to RMNP for my last day of hiking and cooler temps at 9000+ ft. Be back in GA on Thursday. Guess I should wear a sweater, huh?


    1. Well, it’s warmer now, but you’ll probably need an umbrella. We’ve forgotten what the sun looks like! How is your mother managing in all of this rain? Hope you have a good time today. Thanks for following my blog!


  3. Amy says:

    Very beautiful pics!


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