“iii” Challenge: Indian flutes

Frizztext’s A-Z challenge this week features the letter “i” (which looks like the Roman numeral for 3 if the upper case letter is used in a post title, so I used lower case instead).

My entry for this challenge is Indian (Native American) flutes.  I have two flutes, both made by Daniel Bigay who not only is a flute maker and artist but also performs and records his music.   Bigay says,  “Native flutes are one of the oldest instruments on earth. They have been a part of Cherokee and other southeastern Indian culture dating back to ancient times. Being a flute player as well as a maker, I strive to make a beautiful sounding flute that plays well, as well as being a piece of art.”  And his flutes do indeed sound beautiful.

I met Daniel Bigay and his wife at an arts and crafts festival at Unicoi State Park in North Georgia and purchased my first flute then.  It is a traditional river cane flute with a now well-worn cedar mouthpiece.  Adorned with sweet grass, it is inscribed with “Mountain Spirit” in the Cherokee syllabary.

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Two years later I acquired a dual-chambered drone flute, also inscribed with “Mountain Spirit” in Cherokee.  The drone flute has a deeper sound that carries farther and easily can be heard by our neighbors in our little mountain cove.

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Native flute music is beautiful, haunting, and relaxing.  Here is a sampling of Native American flute music by Cherokee flute player, Mark Hicks…

For more on this challenge, see http://flickrcomments.wordpress.com/2013/08/27/iii-challenge/

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  1. frizztext says:

    thank you for the link to the Cherokee flute player, Mark Hicks!


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