Weekly Travel Theme: Hidden

Hidden away in a corner of North Georgia, Turner’s Corner Cafe  is sought out by people from as far away as Atlanta, about 80 miles to the south, but it easy to miss.   The cafe is located in a former gas station at a small crossroads where highways 19 and 129 meet and where 19 crosses the Chestatee River.  Although its mailing address is Cleveland, Georgia, which is a town in White County, the cafe actually is located in Lumpkin County, and most people think the address is Dahlonega, Georgia.  It’s no wonder people often have a hard time finding it.  But its reputation is outstanding and is largely spread by word of mouth.

Turner's Corner seat yourself


Except for the fact that the old gasoline pumps have been removed, the building looks much the same from the outside as it must have in 1928.


Although the cafe offers a full menu, daily specials are announced on the chalkboard outside.  The day we ate there, fried green tomatoes had returned to the menu.  Yum!

Turner's Corner menu board

The main dining room features a sign in leaded glass…

Leaded glass sign

… while the outside deck sports a more rustic sign.

Deck sign


Diners on the deck sit directly above the Chestatee River as it flows beneath the highway bridge on its way to Lake Lanier to the south.

Deck diningIn recent years the cafe has been through a succession of owners, and the new owners have added a lovely outdoor seating area by the river.  The sun was so bright the day we were there that the roses glowed a brilliant hot pink.

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  1. This sounds like a nice day! I have to find somewhere to try fried green tomatoes…


    1. They’re sooo good! I don’t eat many fried foods, but I do love fried green tomatoes (and fried okra). Very Southern 🙂


  2. Amy says:

    … since 1928 🙂 I like these photos!


    1. Thank you. It’s a fun place to eat.


  3. Reblogged this on sondasmcschatter and commented:


  4. napperscompanion says:

    Ah, man. I love places like this. John


    1. This is a great place and close enough that we can go there often. Cheers!


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