Southern Magnolia In My Corner of North Georgia, But No Mimosa This Year

Almost a year ago I posted photos of the blooms on our Southern magnolia tree and our mimosa tree.  For reasons unknown to me, that post remains one of my top posts, even a year later. (Post can be seen here.)

Once again the magnolia is in bloom, but all the flowers are high up on the tree and have been difficult to photograph, as the tree is easily 50 feet tall, maybe taller.

Magnolia #1


Magnolia #2

Magnolia #3

Magnolias can grow up to 80 feet tall and 40 feet wide.  They drop leaves year-round which can be very messy to look at if the lower branches are trimmed off. We have never trimmed our tree, and the dropped leaves are hidden under the lower branches.

Magnolias make great climbing trees!  I spent a good deal of my childhood in my grandparents’ magnolia.

The mimosa, however, will not bloom this year.  In fact, in the 18 years since it was planted, it has bloomed only twice.  So the flowers last year were a real treat!  If anyone has any idea as to why our mimosa doesn’t bloom, please let me know. Other mimosas in our area are beautiful right now.


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    1. Thank you! I really had a hard time taking these photos because of the locations of the blooms on the tree.


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