Writer’s Quote Wednesday: “Everything Is Beautiful”

Ray Stevens quoteThese words are from the lyrics of “Everything Is Beautiful,” written and performed by American singer/songwriter Ray Stevens.  The song became a hit in 1970 and won two Grammy Awards in 1971.  Containing anti-racist and pro-tolerance lyrics, it was a departure for Stevens who usually recorded comedy and novelty songs.

To participate in this challenge or to read more quotes and lyrics, see http://silverthreading.com/2015/01/07/writers-quote-wednesday-what-a-wonderful-world2015-2/


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  1. Silver Threading says:

    I love this well done! Perfect. Adding music opens the quotes up to many other possibilities. 💖


    1. Thank you! I really like that you suggested song lyrics.

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      1. Silver Threading says:

        A cool idea I think – song lyrics. 💖

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  2. dorne whale says:

    Gosh, this takes me back. A lovely song and it played all the time, when I was little. x

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