Many Thanks for Another Award!


Many thanks to for nominating me for another Versatile Blogger Award!   Jannat Marie lives in the Pacific Northwest and writes about jazz (obviously), literary arts, entertainment, knowledge, spirituality, memories, cuisine, philosophy, social commentary, music, and wellness.  She believes in the healing power of music and the arts.  Please check out her blog.

In accepting this award, I am asked to list 7 things about myself:

1. Like Jazzy Beat Chick, I love music and have an extensive collection of many types and styles of music from many cultures around the world.

2. I play several musical instruments including piano and guitar (which now are almost impossible for me because of crippling arthritis in my hands) and also Native American flute, bowed psaltery, blues harp, African thumb piano, hammered dulcimer, and Appalachian dulcimer.  Some of these I play fairly well, and others I just enjoy trying to play.

3. My husband is a watercolor artist, but I am unable even to draw a straight line.  I envy his talent.

4. I enjoy genealogy and have had several DNA tests which proved what I long suspected: although I am of mostly European ancestry, I also am Sub-Saharan African and Native American.

5. My educational background is rather unconventional.  I was able to enroll in college (many years ago) without actually graduating from high school.  My B.A. degree is in History, and I have a Master of Medieval Studies degree in Medieval History, Literature, and Music.

6. Over the years, I have adopted several rescue cats.  At present we only have one cat, who now is completely deaf. He has been with us 19 years, after being rescued as a kitten from the water park where he had been abandoned.

7. In addition to my music collection, I collect books (mostly non-fiction), religious icons, and Santa Clause figurines.

In accepting this award, we also are to nominate 15 other bloggers.   As I have previously written, most of the blogs I follow already have been nominated by me for awards or are “award free” blogs.  So, I shall just say thank you again to all of my fellow bloggers for inspiring, entertaining, and challenging me every day!


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    Wonderful!! 🙂


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