Another Brain Scan + the First Day of Kindergarten

Ben started kindergarten today!

Believing for Ben

Yesterday while his classmates were meeting their kindergarten teacher for the first time and getting ready to begin another school year, Ben and his parents were at the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta facility in Kennesaw, GA for more brain scans.

I’ve noted here before that Ben will be starting physical therapy to help with the lost range of motion in one foot.  In July, while he was on his summer family holiday at the beach, that lost range of motion became severe, and he woke up one morning having trouble walking.  His parents were understandably very upset and contacted Dr. Berenstein, Ben’s doctor in New York.  Dr. B. felt that an MRI on the brain was in order.

In spite of the temporary difficulty, Ben had a wonderful time at the beach.

After returning home, Ben met with a doctor and a physical therapist at the children’s hospital in Chattanooga, TN. …

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