A Whole Lot of Football Love

Grandson Ben is well-loved…

Believing for Ben

Our little guy, Ben, certainly is well-loved by all who know him, and he has received a lot of “football love.” His dad is a high school football referee, and dad’s referee buddies have been very supportive of Ben as he has gone through multiple brain MRIs and surgeries.  The Murray County (GA) High School football team, in their annual Blue and White Game last Spring, provided Ben with a full uniform and let him run a touchdown, an event that was covered by a local television news team.  You can read about that here.

This school year’s high school football season is just beginning, and many teams are playing pre-season games right now.  Last night, Ben’s dad officiated at a pre-season game and then posted this on his Facebook page:

(Ben’s dad is the tall guy in the back.)

Football referees with Ben

Joshua's referee postThanks to everyone who reads my posts about Ben…

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  1. The Murray High School game in the Spring was Green and White, not Blue and White. I made the correction on the original post, but it doesn’t show up on this reblogged post. 😦


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