Now Blooming In My Corner of North Georgia: One Lone Hydrangea

It’s been a funny summer. Some plants that never bloom actually bloomed.  Others that always bloom didn’t, like the hydrangeas.  We waited all summer, and only one hydrangea plant bloomed. And it has only one bloom, but it surely is lovely.


Hydrangea 2

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  1. My mop head hydrangeas were covered this year, but my blue ones had 1-3 blooms per plant. I missed those beauties. 🙂

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    1. Everything here has been strange this summer. Our vegetable garden produced nothing except one tomato, and our neighbors all had gardens that produced very little.

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  2. susurrus says:

    My hydrangea only has two small flowers. It’s in a pot and I know it would be happier in the ground.


    1. All of our hydrangeas are in the ground, but they still didn’t bloom this year. Who knows? 🙂


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