Another Football Honor and Some Soccer Fun For Our Kind-Hearted Kindergartener

An update on my grandson Ben who is playing soccer after three brain surgeries. Our little miracle boy!

Believing for Ben

An honorary football captain

Last night our little guy was honored again by the Murray County High School (Georgia) football team during what may be their biggest game of the season.  The team, who played their major rival, made Ben an honorary team captain for the night.  He accompanied the actual team captains onto the field and participated in the coin toss that began the game.  We were unable to be there, so his mom took these photos:

What a surprise to discover that the high school also devoted an entire page of their 2015-2016 football program booklet to Ben !

After 3 brain surgeries, Ben is playing soccer !

Every week, Ben goes to physical therapy to help with the range of motion on the left side of his body. Because the original fistula was on the left side of the brain his muscle development on that side, particularly…

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