The Wild Man Suffers a Scary Injury

Grandson Ben had a frightening fall yesterday.

Believing for Ben

Ben’s dad affectionately calls him “our little wild man.”  Haha, does this look like a wild child?  (Terrible photo taken with my phone.)

On the ipad

He has a sweet spirit and a good heart.  But of course he’s not always quiet like this.

Yesterday at school Ben fell in the gymnasium while playing, a fall so hard that the teachers on the other side of the gym heard his head hit the floor.  A fall like this would be a concern if it happened to any five-year-old, but with Ben having undergone three brain surgeries, this was quite scary.  His teachers and other school staff rushed to his aid, and his classmates gathered around to comfort him.  The school notified Ben’s parents, and his dad left work and drove to the school.

After driving Ben home, his dad determined that the wild man probably had suffered a concussion.  Our little guy…

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  1. Amy says:

    So scary… Thank Goodness, he is fine. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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