Physical therapy, a foot brace, and a visit to the fire station

Update on grandson Ben from my other blog..

Believing for Ben

Last week Ben had a school holiday, and we traveled over to be with him for a couple of days and take him to his physical therapy session.

For several months now Ben has been undergoing physical therapy to help strengthen his left foot and increase its range of motion.  Because the original fistula on the left side of his brain was not diagnosed and repaired until he was four years old, his muscle development on that side, particularly in his leg and foot, have been affected.  Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while know that Ben is quite active and plays T-ball, soccer and basketball in organized sports programs.  That’s a miracle in itself!

But he does sometimes trip and fall, and as he grows, the muscles are developing at a different pace in each foot and ankle.  He enjoys physical therapy because he gets to jump on a trampoline…

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