A unique museum in a small town: the Booth Western Art Museum

The small town of Cartersville, Georgia (population less than 20,000 people) houses one of the most unique museums in the United States.  The Booth Western Art Museum, which opened in 2003, contains the country’s largest permanent exhibition space for art of the American West.

entrance sign

Permanent galleries feature contemporary Western art, historic Western art, Civil War art, Presidential portraits and letters, Western movie posters, and Western illustrations.   There also is an interactive galley for children.  Additionally, the museum hosts six to ten temporary exhibits a year and several lectures each month by artists, writers, and historians.

We recently visited the museum for the first time, traveling with a group from our church.  The trip (a two hour drive each way) made for a long day, and there was no way to see everything the museum had to offer.  I’m sure we will be going back.

An outdoor sculpture garden greets visitors as they enter museum grounds. Here are a few photos from our visit…



Native Americans
And a Northwestern pacific region totem pole

More to come!  (You can find out more about the Booth museum here.)

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