Our once-so-beautiful mimosa tree is struggling to survive.  Planted 20 years ago behind our house, it now is being crowded out by other trees.  Mimosas usually do not grow very tall, but ours is quite tall and spindly, trying to reach the sunlight that is year-by-year being blocked by other vegetation.

The broad, oblong leaves this year sadly looked like this and were only at the very top of the tree…

Mimosa 1

Mimosa 2


Last year they looked like this…

mimosa silhouette


Although the tree bloomed this year (for only the third time in 20 years), the blooms also were only at the very top of the tree.  Three years ago we had many gorgeous blooms ( 3 images)…

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Moving the tree is out of the question.  My only hope is this evidence that there still is new life in this mimosa…

new growth

Out of difficulties grow miracles.

(Jean de la Bruyere)

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  1. Oh, I hope that your mimosa tree is able to flourish. Definitely a big change this year in it’s appearance than last year. Lovely flowers. Beautiful photos.


    1. Thank you! We planted it as a start from my grandmother’s garden 20 years ago, and I would hate to lose it. Thank you for your comment.

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