A sudden appearance

The sudden appearance of mushrooms after a summer rain is one of the more impressive spectacles of the plant world. (John Tyler Bonner)

These popped up overnight in our garden.

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  1. So many varieties! Since we moved to our farm 7 years ago, I have learned the birds, the plants, and many of the insects, but I have still not learned the fungi! I even have a friend who is a fungus specialist, and I have gone on 3 fungus walks with her, but the information doesn’t stick in my head. It’s like going to a planetarium — I learn so much while I am there but forget it before I go stargazing again. One of these days I will need to make a more disciplined study!


    1. I have no idea about fungi. When my cousin in Illinois saw these photos she asked if any of the fungi were edible. LOL I have no idea. I would guess they’re all poisonous. In Illinois you can go out into the woods and collect morrel mushrooms and bring them home, cook them, and eat them.


      1. According to my friend and the book on Texas mushrooms that I have, a lot of different ones are edible. But I have not been brave enough to try any! I am more interested in them as a source of dye — I know it can be done, but I don’t know any details of the process.

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  2. I have never seen mushrooms in our yard.
    Nice photos!


    1. Thank you! We live in the woods, so we often see them after several days of rain.

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  3. genuinejoan says:

    What a lovely assortment!


    1. Thank you! They were really lovely while they lasted.


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