“A sunbeam giving the air a kiss”

I find it very difficult to capture hummingbirds, but nonetheless, I recently camped out by the feeder and tried my best.  We have ruby-throated hummingbirds here, and most of them are females.  One flew right up to me and hovered very near my face.  I wish I could have captured that.

The Hummingbird
By Harry Hibbard Kemp

The sunlight speaks. And it’s voice is a bird
It glimmers half-guessed half-seen half-heard
Above the flower bed. Over the lawn–
A flashing dip and it is gone.
And all it lends to the eye is this–
A sunbeam giving the air a kiss.

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  1. dorne whale says:

    I’ve never seen a hummingbird and these photos are incredible. We’ll swap places for a while, shall we? You can see owls and I’ll watch hummingbirds.x


    1. Thank you! It is very difficult for me to capture hummingbirds. Yes, let’s swap places; I do so want to see an owl.

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      1. dorne whale says:

        Become a night owl yourself and frequent graveyards! Keep the hummingbirds pics coming. x

        Liked by 1 person

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