Dying While Making Plans

Sharing this post from my aunt’s blog. Please check out her other posts as well. She recently lost her husband, the love of her life, quite unexpectedly less than a year after they moved from California to Nice, France. Jay (my aunt) was a television and movie actress, real estate agent, and an entertainment lawyer. Now retired, she also is an author. Her husband Steve was an Emmy Award-winning sports producer and an author.


Steve and I had just gotten back from Sardinia. It was a terrific trip – totally unplanned and a spur-of-the-moment happening. We tried to find something close by so that we could get away for a week in July to have a “summer vacation” because the fall would be intense. We would have been here a year, and all of our policies, house lease, my French Visa, and several other things would come due. So, we had to watch our pennies to get past all of the incoming invoices. No problem. We would just “tighten our belts” for a while. Then, in October or November, Steve wanted to go to Portofino, Italy. Especially, since Steve had his Italian passport. So, I had started looking for Airbnb’s for the weekend. In fact, we found several that I starred because we liked them.

Our main dilemma was trying to decide whether we…

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