Bloggers have taught me

A beautiful blog post that expresses my sentiments as well…

My words, My life

Beauty in life

flower courtesy

Bloggers with love of nature have taught me to discover beauty in tiny droplets of water, bloggers have taught me to find calm and peace in genial rays of sun on my terrace.


reading courtesy

I had always showed interest in reading books but bloggers around the world have taught me the real importance and the proper way of reading which could make our written expression beautiful.

Positive Approach

positive-approach courtesy

Blogging and more precisely bloggers have taught me to remain hopeful. I’ve learned that we can’t escape the realities in life and positive approach towards life is what makes us strong.

Gratitude and thanks

thank-you courtesy

I’ve always tried but these are the bloggers who have taught me to express my gratitude over the presence of little things in life, I’m thankful to find some time in writing this post on word press.

Rules in writing

rules courtesy

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