Do what is in us

As I get ready to watch the U.S. presidential town hall debate in half an hour (and want to crawl under the table and hide while it goes on), I remind myself that all I can do is try to uproot the evil in the fields that I know: Do good, love others, be kind, and try to  make the world a better place here where I am right now.


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  1. Madeeha says:

    Can you tell me what’s the importance of this presidential debate? America plays a vital role in world’s politics and here when our media is also telecasting the news related to this debate, I being somewhat ignorant of political methods want to know the importance of this debate.


    1. Presidential debates are supposed to give the voters greater insight into the candidates’ knowledge about domestic and foreign affairs and the policies they would like to implement. Debates are supposed to help voters make an informed decision when election day comes. This debate turned into something else entirely. This entire election is unlike any I have seen in my life, and I’m not a young woman.

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      1. Madeeha says:

        Hmm, now I can understand the whole point. Thank you for explaining
        Is there are more people who are thinking in a same way as you are thinking, I mean when this debate turns into something else entirely, do the wise and educated pepole consider it listening a wastage of time?


        1. People are very upset with this presidential campaign. I know that millions of people listened to this debate and then wondered why they wasted their time. Hillary Clinton tried to speak about policies, but Donald Trump interrupted her, stood over her in a menacing manner, and insulted her and her husband and insulted even the debate moderators. It has become a very hateful campaign.

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