Light despite all of the darkness

For all of us mourning the outcome of the American presidential election…


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  1. Thank you for sharing. It’s so true!

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  2. cindy knoke says:

    Yes, but I am trying to get over my fear of what will happen to our country and her peope, and my anger at the fact that Hilary actually won the popular vote, posssibly by a significant number. Trump is another Republican, like Bush, who has been elected by the electoral college.

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    1. I agree. I am quite fearful and very upset, too.


  3. Patti Petit says:

    My son in law is a Native American from Mexico. My granddaughters are Chichimeca, Cherokee and Lakota, my great ganddaughter is all of the above and African-American. She at 22 months of age has experienced racism here in White county. Two of my boys a gay. I know there is light somewhere and will never stop seeking it and sharing it. We must pray for Mr. Trump and for all the fearfilled people on both sides. Love and hope must guide us, as well as a determination never to let people who are “different” be victims of hatred.


    1. Patti, I agree totally. Our granddaughters’ father is Chinese. We have African Americans, Navajos and Filipinos in my family, and two of my uncles (now deceased) were gay and lived “in the closet” all of their lives. I just added you to a Facebook group called Pantsuit Nation which I have found to be very supportive.


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