White Christians Who Voted for Donald Trump: Fix This. Now. — john pavlovitz

We Christians like to talk about Hell a lot, so let’s talk about Hell a little. Yesterday, in the very first few daylight hours after Donald Trump’s election victory it began: Near San Francisco, a home in Noe Valley flew a nazi flag where kids walk by to get to school. A white middle school……

via White Christians Who Voted for Donald Trump: Fix This. Now. — john pavlovitz

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  1. A lot of hypocrisy in the world. Either we are Christians and stand for christian values or we are not. We make a ridicule of Christianity through double standards.

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    1. Yes. And I am fearful for my country now.

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      1. You have reason. However, God is in control.

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  2. J L Hunt says:

    Trust in GOD. We as Christians have access to the one who has ALL POWER….
    “PRAY for the leaders” is what the scripture says, so instead of panicking…Take Authority! “Is there anything TOO hard for the Lord?”

    In UNITY there is strength. That goes for evil OR good…so if EVIL can unify…SO CAN WE! WE have the responsibility of coming together in one accord to PRAY for this Nation…so Let’s DO IT!
    We’ve been sitting back TOO long…Distracted & DIVIDED

    “If My People that are Called by my name…would HUMBLE themselves & PRAY… Seek my Face…Turn from their wicked ways…then I will Hear from Heaven & HEAL their land..”

    So Don’t FEAR Trump….PRAY for him! PRAY for the Country!…PRAY that he gets WISE council, PRAY that he will make WISE decisions. AMEN!

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