Travel Theme: Paper

Paper sculpture


“Calf Roper” was sculpted in 2003 by artist Alan Eckman who, along with his wife Patty, is a pioneer in the field of paper sculpture.  The Eckmans developed a process of paper casting that uses paper to produce works of art with the form and detail of bronze.  This piece is on display at the Booth Museum of Western Art in Cartersville, Georgia.

See other images of paper or join in Where’s My Backpack‘s challenge here.

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  1. cindy knoke says:

    Amazing artistry!


    1. Yes, it is! It’s hard to believe it’s paper.


  2. Reaching every heart by teaching,
    making them know of what was ancient.
    Keep a track of justice and right,
    Loves to read and sing sometime.
    Talent unlimited, amazed every hearts.
    Nature and beauty all clearly shared so far.

    Taking this beautiful day of time,
    wishing you happiness from millions of miles.
    May you spread smiles and love.
    May your life be filled with love.

    Happy Birthday Deb…


    1. You are very kind. Thank you! I have had a lovely birthday!


      1. 🙂 I am soo happy for you.. Now I feel that I also enjoyed your birthday by being a part of it.. Thank you..

        Liked by 1 person

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