The Harbinger of Spring

The first (and so far the only) robin of the season arrived just over a week ago at the end of January. A couple of days later I saw it again and followed it all around the back garden until I finally was able to capture it in this photo.


Robin’s Come

by William Warner Caldwell

From the elm-tree’s topmost bough,
Hark! the Robin’s early song!
Telling one and all that now
Merry spring-time hastes along;
Welcome tidings dost thou bring,
Little harbinger of spring:
Robin’s come!

Of the winter we are weary,
Weary of the frost and snow;
Longing for the sunshine cheery,
And the brooklet’s gurgling flow;
Gladly then we hear thee sing
The reveille of spring:
Robin’s come!

Ring it out o er hill and plain,
Through the garden’s lonely bowers,
Till the green leaves dance again,
Till the air is sweet with flowers!
Wake the cowslips by the rill,
Wake the yellow daffodil;
Robin’s come!

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