Healthcare in America and Ben’s pre-existing condition

My thoughts on the Republican House of Representatives’ healthcare plan…

Believing for Ben

The U.S. is the only industrialized nation in the world that does not provide equal access to healthcare for all citizens. Obamacare expanded healthcare coverage and made it more affordable for many Americans,  but the current Republican-led House of Representatives just voted to gut that coverage.  One of the worst aspects of the House plan is that insurance companies would no longer have to provide coverage for pre-existing conditions. Pre-existing conditions include not only serious medical conditions such as cancer and diabetes but also medical problems like high cholesterol and even pregnancy.  The actual list is quite long.

Many Americans are “up in arms” over what the House of Representatives has done. Bear in mind that the bill also must pass the U.S. Senate, and many believe that is unlikely.  However, I, too, am “up in arms” because our Brave Ben clearly has a pre-existing condition.

Here is what I posted…

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  1. cindy knoke says:

    They celebrated denying health care to children.


    1. Yes, they did. But they claim to be “pro life” and “pro family”.


  2. Unbelievable. Give my best to Ben and it worries me to read this.


    1. Thank you. People throughout the U.S. are worried about this and are challenging our elected representatives.


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