Can someone explain this to me?

I’ve written about my solar chicken before.  It was a gift from our daughter, and when it was first placed in the garden, it worked beautifully. Then my husband decided to move it, thinking it would look better in another area of the garden, and it quit working. Since then, which was about two years ago, it never worked even though we tried several locations, each receiving full sun almost daily. Even so, I enjoy the chicken because of its uniqueness and lovely colors.

Solar chicken

Then, four days before the recent solar eclipse my chicken began to glow at night.  It glowed for four nights before the eclipse, the night of August 21 which is when the eclipse occurred, and for two nights afterwards.

Solar chicken

Then it stopped working again and has not glowed since. Surely there must be a scientific reason for this. Can anyone explain it to me?


“Don’t become a mere recorder of facts, but try to penetrate the mystery of their origin.”   (Ivan Pavlov)

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  1. Hummm… it’s a mystery. The chicken is pretty. I have a solar lantern that stopped working but I left it there because I like the lantern!


    1. Thank you! We also have a solar lantern which no longer works, and we have left it in place, too. It didn’t glow as a result of the eclipse, but yes, the chicken is a mystery!

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      1. It looks nice as a decoration!

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  2. What gorgeous colours!


    1. Many thanks! The colors are the reason I love this chicken!


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