Festival of Leaves, Week #4: Dogwood

Once again, not much is happening leaf-wise in my neck of the woods.  However, there is a touch of red on the dogwood, a dull red this year and not at all like the brilliant red we sometimes see.  We are waiting on tropical storm Nate to blow through, the second tropical storm in recorded history here in the North Georgia mountains. Who knows what it will do to our autumn leaves?

Dogwood 2


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  1. We need rain here desperately. I’m hoping we get some from this storm, maybe it will help the color.


    1. We’re getting downpours here right now, so you may get rain as this storm moves northward. We needed rain here, too, and now we’re waterlogged!


      1. It’s been raining steady here for several hours. A slow steady rain is best st this point because the ground is so dry. So far so good.

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