Festival of Leaves, Week #6: Sassafras

Sassafras is the only tree I’ve ever seen with leaves of three different shapes. The leaves on this small sassafras tree growing beside the lane are just beginning to turn yellow.


We’re still waiting to see some reds, but with the weather turning cooler maybe that will happen soon.

See more autumn leaves or join the Festival of Leaves Challenge here.



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  1. BusinessMgtblog says:

    Very soon it will turn into the red.


  2. Sandi says:

    My children loved sassfras when they were little because of the three different shapes: the mitten, the “ghost,” and oval.


    1. When I was little we would gnaw on sassafras twigs to get the flavor out. I’ve always loved sassafras! Thank you for your comment!

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      1. Sandi says:

        I thought of you yesterday–you live in north Georgia, right? We briefly stopped by Tallulah Gorge, which I’ve never done before; didn’t have time to see the waterfall, but I did see lots of muscadine leaves.


        1. Yes, I live about 45 minutes from Tallulah Gorge. It’s a beautiful place, but I understand that the falls were even more amazing way back in the day before the dam was built. The best view requires hiking to the bottom of the gorge, actually walking down a gazillion steps. Going down isn’t too bad, but coming back up is something else! 🙂

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  3. Love the shape of these. Very cool.


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