Cataract surgery

Twenty five years ago I was told I had the beginnings of cataracts in both eyes.  Over the years my vision became worse, especially in my left eye; I lost the ability to distinguish between dark colors, most particularly between navy blue and black; and I had to stop using the bifocal portion of my eyeglasses when I was reading and use reading glasses of ever-increasing strength.  Then, last week I had cataract surgery.

The ophthalmologist said I only needed surgery on my left eye, as the cataract on my right eye was “just beginning.” Nice to hear that after 25 years, only one cataract had progressed to the point of removal.

Friends who have had cataract surgery told me it would be “a piece of cake,” and the worst part would be dealing with all of the eyedrops that had to be used afterwards. I beg to differ.  The worst part has been the not being allowed to bend over, not doing housework, not being able to clean the cat’s litter box, and not being able to wear powdered makeup for the first week.

It’s really amazing that a cataract can be removed and a new artificial lens placed in the eye with a minimum of discomfort.  Some people say they have an almost instantaneous improvement in vision, but my vision is changing slowly day by day.  My left eye, which always was the weaker eye, is now dominant over the right eye.  I can now use the bifocal portion of my old eyeglasses when I read.  And I can distinguish between navy blue and black again.  It will be about four weeks before my “new eye” has stabilized and I can get a new pair of eyeglasses.

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    1. Thank you! I had the surgery last Tuesday, and then my husband had surgery (again) on his esophagus on Friday. I must have been CRAZY to schedule it that way. Actually, I did it so that my husband’s daughter could be here for both procedures and be our driver and helper.

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  2. Meteorologist Nick Humphrey says:

    I’m glad your surgery went well. My Mom actually had cataract surgery last month (also on both eyes) and it went routine for her as well. Hope both you and your husband continue to heal up!


    1. Thank you very much! We both are better!

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  3. de Wets Wild says:

    Wishing you a quick and complete recovery, Deb!


    1. Thank you! I notice changes in my eyesight almost every day.

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