WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Tour Guide – Brenau University


Brenau front campus

Brenau front campus 2

Old library, now the art galleries

Iconic Brenau fountain

Brenau Ideal


Some of my earliest childhood memories are of being on the campus of Brenau University in Gainesville, Georgia where my aunt (my father’s sister) was a student.  Brenau has been part of my mother’s side of the family since the 1890s when my great grandmother taught art there. My mother was a student at Brenau in the late 1940s.   My grandfather was chairman of the Board of Trustees in the 1960s.  My mother’s sister was a department head.  I received my undergraduate degree there in the 1970s as did my sister.

From 1928 to 2011, there also was a high school, a girls’ boarding school known as Brenau Academy, on the university campus where I taught for 15 years from 1996 until the high school closed in 2011. In 2012, I began teaching at the university as an adjunct professor but was sidelined two years ago, first by my own health issues and then by my husband’s stroke.

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  1. Susan says:

    What a beautiful campus!


    1. It is. The older part of the campus is lovely. The old buildings had secret passageways and underground tunnels when I was a student there, but all have been blocked off now. The new buildings, of course, have quite a modern look.


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