A 50-year-old Blast From the Past

I haven’t played my old keyboard in years, although grandson Ben likes to play it when he comes to visit.

keyboardBon Tempi

But recently I decided to begin playing again, and rummaged around the house for old sheet music that I had saved.  To my amazement I found music I had purchased at Allans World of Music almost 50 years ago when I was a Rotary exchange student attending high school in Adelaide, South Australia.

Adelaide music store


Just for fun, I did an internet search for Allans World of Music.  It now is Allans Billy Hyde and was in business at the same address in Adelaide (58 Gawler Place) until this past January 2 when it abruptly closed its doors.


Allans Billy Hyde

Allans is Australia’s oldest music retailer, and a news article in the Adelaide Advertiser called it one of Adelaide’s most iconic music stores.

According to the news article..

Former piano and keyboard manager Helen Blakebrough said it would be very sad for Adelaide if the store was to permanently pull down its shutters…

“It was Australia’s premier store for print music, keyboards, pianos, guitars and all sorts for many years,” Ms Blakebrough said.

“Allans was the place to go.”

I don’t remember buying that particular sheet music, but I do remember shopping as often as I could at Allans World of Music where I purchased 45 rpm records and 33 1/3 record albums.  I still have the 45s.

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