A great post from my aunt’s blog. She is an American television and movie actress and an attorney (yes, all of that) who now lives in Nice, France.


During those moments when I am not thinking or over-thinking everything else, I ponder “wisdoms” or “philosophical quotes” or “Up to My A.. in Aphorisms”.  The one that is getting my attention this week goes like this, “If you could really accept that you weren’t ok, you could stop proving you were ok. If you could stop proving that you were ok, you could get that it was ok not to be ok. If you could get that it was ok not to be ok, you could get that you were ok the way you are. You’re ok, get it?”  That will give you something to think about when you are over-thinking everything else.

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Back when, I read a book called “Don’t Push the River, It Flows by Itself” by Barry Stevens.  It involved a catchphrase of the 1960s and 1970s — “don’t push…

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  1. I had a lovely day, but I still needed that! Especially the wine tour.

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    1. My aunt’s blog is always fascinating, but I especially liked this post.


  2. And anyone from Oklahoma needn’t worry. They are automatically OK.

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