What I Found On My Walk Down the Road: Bracket Fungi

The tree stump has been at the end of the lane for several years, but I don’t recall ever seeing bracket fungi on it until yesterday…

Bracket Fungus

Bracket Fungus6

Bracket Fungus5

Bracket Fungus4

“Nature doth thus kindly heal every wound. By the mediation of a thousand little mosses and fungi, the most unsightly objects become radiant of beauty.”  (Henry David Thoreau)

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  1. de Wets Wild says:

    Isn’t it fascinating how they can “spring up” overnight!? I would love to do a time-lapse photo sequence of a big fungus growth like this expanding!.


    1. So many things appear here one year and then never again, but I suspect this fungus will be back next year, too. Yes, a time-lapse sequence would be quite interesting to do!

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  2. arlene says:

    They look like mushrooms.


    1. They are, in fact, a type of mushroom, and I read that some of these are edible or at least are not toxic if eaten. But I’m not going to eat any!


      1. arlene says:

        What do they call those brown/black mushrooms that grow on trees?


        1. I don’t know. I know the ones called oyster mushrooms and honey mushrooms grow on tree bark, but they’re not brown or black.

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