Beautiful while they lasted…

“Look at the cherry blossoms!
Their color and scent fall with them,
Are gone forever,
Yet mindless
The spring comes again.”

― Ikkyu


Our neighbor’s cherry tree was beautiful this year, and for a brief time our lane was strewn with pink blossoms.

Fallen to the ground

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  1. Meteorologist Nick Humphrey says:

    How’s the weather been where you are? Been a lot of storms where you’ve been? I saw a lot has been happening in Mississippi and Alabama in recent weeks. Here it’s just been crazy, and as you saw in my photos, the trees are so behind on even growing their leaves, it’s crazy.


    1. We haven’t had a lot of storms. They seem to break up before they get to us. A couple of nights ago we had a warning of a heavy thunderstorm with hail on the way, and we did get the thunderstorm but no hail. However, it hailed like crazy about five miles from us. Now we have warnings about the possibility of forest fires because the humidity is so low. That’s crazy because the humidity always is high here. Temperatures are up and down so much that we’re waiting another month before putting out our ferns and flowers on the front porch or back deck.

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      1. Meteorologist Nick Humphrey says:

        Wow that’s some wild variability. Much like here. This week we’ll be finally getting our more ‘normal’ hazardous severe weather, although the pattern may be short lived. Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma all have yet to have a reported tornado this year. Just incredible. Could get really active Tuesday and Wednesday. It’s been getting abnormally dry in our soils here, although we’ve largely avoided the massive drought in Kansas and Oklahoma thus far.

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