Trillium: the flower no one should pick

Trilliums are considered to be rare native plants and in many places are listed as threatened or endangered. My home state of Georgia has more indigenous species of trilliums than any other state in the U.S.  We have trilliums blooming now in our woodland garden.





“When blood-root blooms and trillium flowers
  Unclasp their stars to sun and rain,
 My heart strikes hands with winds and showers
  And wanders in the woods again…”

(Madison Julius Cawein)

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  1. Laura Bloomsbury says:

    thrilling Trilliums – especially how you captured them


    1. Thank you. They are so small and low to the ground that is difficult to capture them. The blooms on some of them actually face downwards. They grow amongst fallen leaves and other woodland undergrowth, and I am very reluctant to get down on the ground to photograph them because I am deathly afraid of snakes. We have poisonous copperhead snakes that can be well hidden in the undergrowth.


      1. Laura Bloomsbury says:

        copperheads -oh no! thenr you images come at more than a cost of creaky knees which is is why I abort on the low shots

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