After the deluge: Underground springs form a new creek that empties directly into our road

We’ve had torrential rains thanks to Subtropical Storm Alberto.  Areas close to us have suffered from downed trees and roads that have washed out.  The nearby tourist town of Helen, Georgia is flooded.  We have a different type of problem as a new creek now runs through the wooded area between our house and our neighbors’ and empties directly into our one-lane dirt and gravel road.

We are used to our road looking like a muddy river when it rains hard. This is what it looked like during yesterday’s downpour…

Road during the rain

Road during the rain2

Road during the rain4

During a temporary respite from the rain this morning I noticed that fresh, clear water was running rapidly down the road after the actual run-off from the rain had stopped.  I was more than surprised to see a new creek flowing out of the woods between our house and the neighbors’ at the far end of the road.

There are a number of springs on our property and in the woods behind us.  Some flow all the time, and some flow only when we have heavy rains.  Never, however, have springs come to the surface and actually formed a swiftly-running creek like this.

Newly formed creek

Newly formed creek2

It flows onto the road, splits into two parts, and flows down both sides of the lane.  Already it has cut deep ruts in the road, and I had to go out with a shovel and try to even out the gravel so that vehicles can drive on the road. (There are only 3 houses on our lane, and we are in the middle house.  The people on the end were at work, and I knew they would have a difficult time getting to their house if I didn’t try to even out the ruts.)

My attempts at videoing the new creek were made during breaks in the rain today. (Each video is only a few seconds long.)

As I write this it is pouring rain again, and we are under a flash flood watch. The rain isn’t predicted to stop until Saturday.  There is no way to keep the new creek from flowing onto the road.   I just hope it doesn’t damage the road too badly.  I would hate to be trapped and not be able to get out.

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  1. de Wets Wild says:

    Take care and be safe, Deb – that is the most important now. All the havoc Mother Nature’s wreaking now will dissipate soon enough and then the mopping up can start. Please do keep us updated!


    1. Thank you so much. We will stay safe, and I will keep you updated. Thank you for your concern and for your encouraging words!

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  2. jjaywmac says:

    Nature is so powerful. Every now and then, we get reminders. Here, in Nice, I get reminders from time to time with the Sea and the rainfall. I hope you don’t get trapped, but you may have trouble for a few days. Stock up with supplies now. I’m sure you have, but make sure you have a Plan B. Also, message me about how you uploaded the videos. I did not get sound. Was there supposed to be sound? AND, is the ability with the videos “theme” specific? Thanks, “Auntie” Janet.


    1. Well, we couldn’t stock up because it got worse, and now we can’t get out anyway. The neighbor can get out because the road isn’t so bad in front of their house, and she offered to go to the store for us if we need anything. But we’re fine and have plenty of food to last until the road can be graded and we can get out again. The videos were supposed to have sound. To upload them I have to upload them first to YouTube and then add them from YouTube to the blog post. I had to create a YouTube channel so I could upload to YouTube.


      1. Janet, you may need to check the volume control on each individual video as well as on your computer in order to hear the video sound. Sometimes the YouTube volume can be muted.


      2. jjaywmac says:

        I have a YouTube channel. You insert the link? IM me, if you don’t mind. Did others get sound?


        1. I sent you a message through Facebook.


          1. jjaywmac says:



  3. arlene says:

    Keep safe always and drive carefully. Things like these are inevitable, when Nature does its course, we can only watch.


    1. Thank you, Arlene. It became worse, and we can’t get out until the road is repaired. I’ll do another blog post about that soon.

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  4. Sorry for your troubles Deb… it’s disconcerting to say the least, loosing safe access. And then such a difficulty to do the repairs…. may you have better luck.


    1. Thank you, Bruce. The weather worsened, and we ended up with an even bigger mess. Some of the cleanup is done, but the road needs major repair now.


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