Pic and a Word Challenge: Peaks

Blue Ridge Mountain peaks, as seen from an overlook somewhere on the highway between Dillard, Georgia and Highlands, North Carolina

Blue Ridge Mountains with border

“The mountains are calling and I must go.” (John Muir)


This challenge is a new one to me, as I was just introduced to Pix to Words who sponsors it each week.  It looks like a fun one.  You can see more peaks or join the challenge here.

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  1. I was a young teenager the last time I drove the Blue Ridge with my family. Such fond memories. I’d love another shot at it as an adult.

    Thanks for this lovely reminder!

    And thank you too for taking on the challenge. You are most welcome here. ❤ =)


    1. Thanks so much. I mostly do photos, sometimes with a little writing. Hope that’s okay.

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      1. Absolutely! The challenge is for images, or words, or both. Any format, genre or style. =)

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    1. It’s pretty, isn’t it? Not too far from where I live.

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