Lens Artists Photo Challenge: Fences


Fences at historic sites in Northwest Georgia…

The Historic Vann House

Fence at the historic Vann House

Fence at Vann House outbuilding


New Echota Historic Site

Fence at New Echota

Fence at Wooster House at New Echota


A fence in Kellum Valley in Northeast Georgia…

Fence in Kellum Valley


And our son-in-law and grandson working on the fence on our property in Northeast Georgia…

Working on our fence 2

Working on our fence


You can join the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge here.


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  1. Leya says:

    These are very interesting! The second to the fourth one are really very special – and beautiful! Thank you for posting. I understand they are historic sites – but do people somewhere still make those elaborate wooden fences?


    1. Thank you! Yes, some people do still make these fences, but most fences like these are at historic sites.

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  2. We had one put around our property 25 years ago. The man said they would last forever. That is if cars speeding around the corner do not knock them down.

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    1. Our fence posts have begun to rot in the ground. And then the large tree fell across the fence at the beginning of summer. I’ve tried to rearrange the posts and fence rails into something that looks “artistic,” but if anything else damages that fence, I’m going to tear it apart and take it down!


      1. Know what you mean. Charles keeps straightening up ours and trying to replace the rotten ones. We hate to take it down because it looks so great with the log cabin.

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