Festival of Leaves 2018: Week #1

Again this autumn, Dawn at The Day After is hosting the weekly Festival of Leaves challenge. She lives in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, and like here in Georgia, the leaves there are only beginning to change colors.

While driving down the highway I’ve seen a few red sumac leaves, and the dogwoods are showing a blush of red.  However, what stands out this year is the number of leaves spotted with brown or just directly turning brown and falling off the trees, bypassing the normally brilliant colors.  Maybe we just had too much rain this summer.

This tree, which has leaves that normally turn a lovely yellow in autumn, is showing quite a bit of brown this year…

See more autumn leaves or join the Festival of Leaves challenge here.

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  1. I saw some yellow this week too but it was after I had created my post.
    Thanks for joining in!

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    1. Thanks for hosting this again this year!


      1. I just had to! lol
        I’m so excited for autumn. I just wish it would quit raining!

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        1. I’m glad you did. Autumn is my favorite season! I’ll be so glad when this warm weather ends.

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