“You are not adrift…”

Bishop Steven Charleston inspires me everyday. Retired bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Alaska, retired Dean of the Episcopal Divinity School, and an elder of the Choctaw Nation, he posts a daily inspirational message on his Facebook page and hosts a weekly prayer forum.  His daily spiritual reflections are read by over 10,000 people.

Bishop Charleston’s post from three days ago touched me in a special way and speaks to anyone who may feel afraid, adrift, or unmoored ….

“Do not be afraid. It is going to be alright. You are not adrift. You are not lost. Even if the shore seems far from you, an unseen current is carrying you, taking you where you need to be. It will bring you safely through any storm. It will guide you to the harbor that is your home. Even if you do not have the strength to sail, trust the flow of grace beneath you, trust the motion you know is taking you to healing. We are riders on the sacred sea, voyagers on the restless waters of time, brought to lands of wonder for a reason, sent into the world for a purpose. Do not be afraid. The love that never ceases will hold you up, no matter how deep the waters.”  (The Right Reverend Steven Charleston)

You are not adrift

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  1. thank you for the inspirational quote – can relate to this too especially the “unseen current”. Lovely photo by the way. Hope you and your husband are faring as best as can be together through ‘any storm’ and that his fracture is healing

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    1. Thank you. I was hoping the quote would speak to others and am glad you can relate to it, too. We are doing better. My husband is getting at-home physical therapy and occupational therapy, and the therapists are wonderful.

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  2. That is a wonderful quote, and unlike anything I have read before. Thank you for sharing, and I will look into his work!

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    1. Thank you. Yes, his reflections are quite unique and inspiring.


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