Song Lyric Sunday Theme: Record/Juke Box/DJ/Radio- “Jukebox Saturday Night”

“Money we really don’t need it,
We make out alright
Lettin’ the other guy feed that
Jukebox saturday night!
Jukebox Saturday Night

Well, this really is an oldie!  Jukebox Saturday Night, written by Al Stillman and Paul McGrane, was recorded by the Glenn Miller Orchestra in 1942.  It was the last Top Ten hit recorded by Glenn Miller as a civilian performer, as he joined the war effort and enlisted in the Army later that year.

After transferring to the Army Air Corps,  Miller began to audition recruits from across the United States for a modernized military band to deliver ‘real, live American music’ to troops serving overseas.

In 1944, Miller took his 50-member Army Air Force Band to England where he gave 800 performances and recorded a series of propaganda broadcasts for the Office of War Information.  In December of that year Miller was to fly to Paris to make arrangements to move the band there, but his plane disappeared while flying over the English Channel.

Moppin’ up sodapop rickeys
To our heart’s delight
Dancin’ to swingeroo quickies
Jukebox Saturday night

Goodman and Kyser and Miller
Help to make things bright
Mixin’ hot licks with vanilla
Jukebox Saturday night

They put nothin’ past us
Me and honey lamb
Making one Coke last us
Till it’s time to scram

Money we really don’t need bad,
We make out alright
Lettin’ the other guy feed that
Jukebox Saturday night

After sippin’ a soda we got a scheme
Somebody else plays the record machine
It’s so easy to say pet names
When you listen to the trumpet of Harry James…

We love to hear that tenor croon
Whenever the Ink Spots sing a tune…

If I didn’t know why the roses grow
Then I wouldn’t know why the roses grow…
(Spoken) Now listen, honey child,
If I didn’t know all them little things I’m supposed to know
Then I sure would be a SAD man
If I didn’t know…

Money we really don’t need it,
We’ll make out alright
Lettin’ the other guy feed that
Jukebox Saturday night!


Juke Box Saturday Night lyrics © Chappell & Co., Warner Chappell Music France, CHAPPELL-CO INC, CHAPPELL & CO., INC.

Song Lyrics Sunday

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