In our woodland garden: Dogwoods are blooming for the first time in five years

The woods behind our house is full of Dogwood trees that bloom beautifully every year. We have three Dogwoods, one pink and two white, in our woodland garden, and none has bloomed since 2014. That year, one of our white Dogwoods had exactly two blooms on it. I can’t even remember the last time the pink Dogwood bloomed.

But this Spring, both white Dogwoods are blooming…

The Dogwood Tree
Come spring, in the shaded forests near my home
Blooms the elegant and lovely dogwood tree
In a bit of sunshine it spreads its graceful arms
As if to offer each blossom for God to see…
White velvet petals tipped by the palest pink
Simplicity strung along each swaying branch
No need to boast about its reign of beauty
This spring picture it surely does enhance…
(Barbara Gorelick)

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  1. They are beautiful, both white and pink. We had a wet winter and have more blooms from all of my plants, flowers and fruit trees.


    1. It must be beautiful there! We had a wet winter, too, but we’re also having a very wet spring, and everything is getting over saturated now.

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      1. I hope the sun will come out soon for you, then all flowers will come forth.

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  2. simplywendi says:

    beautiful pictures………..your yard will be so lovely with all of the blooms. 🙂


  3. cindy knoke says:

    Just perfectly lovely.


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