It’s Fall & Football Y’all!

Sweet Peach

Well, in GA it’s finally sweater weather, and fall is in the air. Kinda crazy when just 3 weeks ago it was 99 degrees outside! I’ve already been hitting pumpkin spice everything pretty hard. Yes, I’m one of those people! My house is decorated for fall, I’m burning a fall scented candle, and snuggling up in a warm fuzzy blanket. I LOVE fall!

Not to dis summer, because I’m crazy for it too, but after all the prolonged heat, I’m always ready for the cool and crispness that fall brings with it. That’s when it really feels like true football weather to me. Fall Friday nights you can often find me and my son in the stands of a football game, but we are usually not there for any particular team. If you think that doesn’t make sense, it’s because we are there for the zebras, well, just one. I…

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