Robocalls: Or, I don’t live in Kentucky or speak Chinese

We sometimes get up to a dozen robocalls a day. It drives me crazy. I always check the caller i.d., and unless I know the caller I don’t answer the telephone. But sometimes they leave voice mail messages. Some of the calls clearly are fraudulent or spam, but every so often the caller who leaves a message is a live person.

The State of Kentucky held their election for governor today, and three times in the past week I received messages telling me how the current governor is cutting the education budget and teachers’ pensions and asking me to vote for the opposition candidate. The problem: I don’t live in Kentucky. I live in Georgia, and we’re not electing a new governor this year.

Other interesting messages I’ve received include:

A request to vote for a specific candidate for U.S. Congress from a district in the State of Tennessee. I don’t live in Tennessee either.

A notification that my building permit for a church in Hall County, GA was approved. I don’t live in Hall County and am not affiliated with any church there.

A question about the flooding at my property in the town of Helen, GA. I don’t live in or own any property in the town of Helen.

A response to my complaint about run-off from a construction site in Gilmer County, GA. I don’t live in Gilmer County and have no idea where that construction site is located (although I do drive through the county every time we go to visit our daughter and her family).

Notice that all of these are “official” calls. The one that still mystifies me is the one I got last week. The entire message was in Chinese.

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  1. de Wets Wild says:

    Sounds like changing your phone number may be a good idea, Deb. Or you can go build that church in Hall County and just catch up with the voice messages when you’re done with that. 😀

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    1. Haha! Everyone in the U.S. gets these weird calls. I didn’t even mention the scam calls we all get from crooks pretending to be from the government. Someone posted today on our community page on Facebook about a crazy fraudulent call she received. If changing my phone number would help, I would do it! 🙂

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