5 Daily Reminders

Sweet Peach

Life has a way of throwing us curve balls. Sometimes we think we have it all figured out, and then wham, life hits us upside the head and sends us spinning in circles. When we are young, we can’t wait to grow up, but what we don’t realize when we’re kids is how tough adulthood can be. It’s not always rainbows and unicorns. There’s bills, car repairs, unexpected expenses like when your heat stops working just when it drops to 20 degrees outside (true story from this week), etc.

So, when life gives you lemons, you can either choose to make lemonade, or squirt it in someone’s eye. The choice is yours, but if you’re more prone to looking on the positive side, here’s 5 daily reminders to help you on your way…

  1. You are amazing, remember that.
  2. Life is tough, but so are you.
  3. It’s a good day…

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  1. jjaywmac says:

    This one is a keeper! I keep hoping my kids will get that message so that they will understand what I was trying to do, considering my headstrong personality. I considered it an asset. Maybe they simply inherited it. Chips off the old block (s). Darrell was no day in the park. But definitely had a mind of his own!!


    1. Well, this post was from Katie’s blog. I can’t take any credit for it, but it’s certainly a good one!


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