Bad Axe!

An unusual way to relieve stress! My daughter works for an international corporation, and every year her department goes on a team-building outing. This year’s outing involved axe throwing!

Sweet Peach

On Friday, my department had our annual team building outing. This year, we went axe throwing, at Valkyrie Axe Throwing in Chattanooga, TN. Man, was it exhilarating!

After an intro and demonstration, everyone took a practice throw. My first throw didn’t go so well, but after a few throws, it started to click. It was oddly satisfying to hear the sound of the axe lodging itself into the wood, much more so than the metallic clang it would make as it bounced off and fell to the ground.

Talk about taking out frustration! The physical act of throwing a sharp object at a target was a great stress reliever. If you ever have a chance to try out axe throwing, I highly recommend it. We had a blast, played a game of 21 based on the points we earned for sticking a throw, and worked up a sweat as we…

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  1. Nabeela says:

    Ohhh vowww…. Nice idea….

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