Side Effects

I guess all medications have some side effects, but I am one of those people who keenly experience them. Many medications are off-limits to me because I actually have what the ads call rare and serious side effects. But I really thought the antihistamine spray for my horrible allergies would be different.

Online reviews of the nasal spray generally said either that the medication just didn’t work well for some people or that it worked like a miracle, enabling people to breathe freely for the first time in weeks or months, or even in years. The side effect some users experienced seemed to be limited to a bad taste in the mouth. So I tried it.

So far, after 6 days I am breathing a little better, and the fluid in my ears appears to be clearing up. BUT I have experienced around-the-clock sleepiness (leading to over-long afternoon naps), heart palpitations (not good since I already take medication for irregular heartbeat), feeling woozy and muddle-headed, and forgetfulness.

The worst is the forgetfulness. Here’s a partial list of what I have done (or not done):

Badly misspelled the address when preparing a Christmas gift for one of our granddaughters

Accidentally threw a credit card bill in the trash (I did retrieve it)

Cooked lunch in the oven and forgot to turn off the oven until several hours later. This has happened twice.

Left the front door unlocked all night so that anyone could have walked right in (thank goodness we live where that is unlikely to happen)

I think that’s enough. This medication is used twice daily, but as of now I’m cutting back to using it only at night. And if the muddle-headedness and forgetfulness continue, that’s it. I’m done.

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  1. arlene says:

    So sorry to hear about your health Deb. I hope your allergies will correct soon πŸ™‚


      1. arlene says:





    1. Thank you! I didn’t use the nasal spray this morning and already feel almost back to normal.

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  3. jjaywmac says:

    Hi, Debby, I do the same thing. I keep a list in my phone notes of all the medicines I am “allergic” to because I have side effects. I cannot take high blood pressure medications because I have not yet found one that I am not allergic to. Side effects would be the same thing, I think, because I have worse side effects. Maybe that is part of our makeup. And, herb teas are the worst. I am very careful what I will take. I don’t want all of the side effects. Now, I keep reading about “natural” remedies that help joint pain. I try them and terrible side effects. So, I just hurt instead. Antihistamines are the worst. If I MUST take benedryl (sp?) (because I am having am allergy reaction), I sleep for hours. Stop trying things. I have no choice. Every time I have an allergy attack from something that sounds perfect for what I need, it will take several days to get over it. It is not worth it. Consider it a blessing in disguise. Mama Dorough did not take a lot of pills. They didn’t have them then. 111 1/2!!!!! She did not have all of those chemicals in her body. It is something to think about. Just sayin……

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    1. I didn’t use the nasal spray this morning and already feel much better. I keep a list in my phone, too. So many meds, prescription and over-the-counter, that I cannot take. I can take glucosamine chondroitin for the arthritis in my hands. And I’ve started taking a spoonful of elderberry syrup for my nasal allergies. It’s supposed to help build up the immune system, and I’ve had no reaction to it. So far, so good. You’re quite right. Mama Dorough took almost no pills, and I’m keeping mine to a bare minimum. It’s just that I’ve not been able to breathe for over 2 months now, and the fluid in my ears was causing dizziness. I was hoping this nasal spray would help, but I can’t stand the side effects. Actually, I’m glad to know that someone else in the family has the same sorts of reactions to medications that I have. I’m just going to try to eat healthier, get enough sleep, drink water, and exercise more.


  4. Nabeela says:

    When a medicine cure one problem, It will lead to another health issue on the upcoming week….

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  5. Donald Caskey says:

    Sorry to hear about your sensitivity to meds, Deb. My wife Carolyn is the same; we typically use only half of an adult dose for her ailments.

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    1. Thank you, Don. I’m only using the nasal spray now at night instead of twice a day, and the side effects have gone. There are so many meds that I can’t take at all. I wonder if my fibromyalgia has anything to do with it?


      1. Donald Caskey says:

        Perhaps. Carolyn has ME/CFS, a relative (or different manifestation) of fibromyalgia. She, too, is sensitive or allergic to many meds and can see a positive difference when she avoids many meds and food types (dairy, gluten, nuts, eggs). She has found she can take Ipratropium Bromide nasal spray for her allergies and cough. Good luck.


        1. I’ve wondered if I would be helped by avoiding dairy and eggs, but I also suffer from hypoglycemia, and eggs and yogurt provide some of the protein I need every day. I do avoid sugar and bread as much as possible. I guess it’s just a constant balancing act. Thank you, Don. Take care, and I hope you are doing well!


  6. Nick Walsh says:

    Great material. The more we can discuss this topic, the more we are all empowered to control it! πŸ™‚

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